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The creative team at Hampshire Cosmetics are constantly evaluating global trends across a multitude of sources of inspiration such as, fashion, beauty, colour and interior design. These are combined with consumer insights and market knowledge to design and develop concepts to ensure brand and product life cycles are constantly in harmony with consumer demands. At Hampshire Cosmetics we are happy to assist in translating your concept proposals into product ranges or to develop these for you and to assist you with visualising your product design options.

The Creative Research and Development team at Hampshire Cosmetics takes a very proactive approach to product development. Our creative chemists are constantly reviewing the latest developments in raw materials and formulation science to bring to the market the most up to date cutting edge formulations and claims. Additionally we link the latest developments with consumer and market trends to create 'Blue Sky' concepts to inspire our client's brand development.

We are continuously reviewing the technology available from a wide range of suppliers to ensure materials and formulations achieve the client’s requirements.

Hampshire Cosmetics firmly believes in the importance of establishing effective and close working relationships with its clients. To support this we ensure that every client is supported by their own dedicated team. We provide specialist knowledge for all elements of the relationship and take pride in delivering a first class service at all stages. Following the submission of a project, every client is issued with a critical path program that forms the basis of regular project meetings that include both the client and the relevant in-house teams at all key stages. Frequent and detailed communications and full client involvement are the key elements in this process, being vital in achieving a successful end result.

As part of our overall client support Hampshire Cosmetics also offers help and advice on market trends, regulatory and specific market requirements.

Understanding and interpreting our client’s needs in terms of their packaging requirements is an integral part of the Hampshire Cosmetics full service offer. Our engineers run appropriate tests on proposed packaging to ensure that the end product is fit for purpose. We ensure that our in-house Packaging Engineers and Technologists are involved in every project from commencement, and believe that full involvement in the packaging specification and requirements of our customers at all stages will provide the best service to our clients. The Hampshire Cosmetics team are available to source, select and propose packaging that meets our client’s requirements.

We have a flexible process with 20 Manufacturing vessels ranging in size from 50 kg to 4 tonnes, producing creams, detergents, waxes, gels and alcohol based Fragrances. We are able to fill bottles, jars and tubes and have both hot and cold fill capability. Our flexible approach enables us to handle a wide range of order size as well as accommodating various packaging options.

We continually strive to meet new challenges both through in-house process development, supported by Lean techniques and targeted investment such as the recently installed fully automatic fragrance filling line.

We provide a fully integrated compliance service which ensures the business meets our customer’s expectations in terms of product quality, safety and legality during development, manufacture and beyond.

We offer full in-house microbiological testing including stability and compatibility, and preservative efficacy assessment, during formulation development. We are also able to provide Approved Safety Assessments and Product Information Files together with regulatory advice, guidance and consultative services.